Starter Package- 3 Privates $295 

All new clients are encouraged to start with our introductory package as this is a private lesson where one-on-one with a highly trained instructor, who will work with you to develop a personalized program to suit your body need's so you understand the powerhouse, how to use the Gratz equipment and how to move and stretch your body at its potential. This is a great package if you experience any back pain or discomfort and/or any injuries.

We require clients to do the Starter Package before joining the Semi-Private Reformer /Tower Flow Classes or a Duo Session

*May only be redeemed once per client

*For new clients only can be paid online or studio direct

One on one sessions

$120 per session

$1030 block of 10 sessions

$525 block of 5 sessions

Online zoom session $85   Selected online sessions available on request

We provide a personalised workout tailored to suit your bodies needs and abilities, so you can learn how to use your powerhouse, align and stretch to your potential. We have a fully equipped studio so your body will benefit from each Pilates apparatus. 

This session is also ideal clients with chronic back pain or injuries and those who are keen to explore and advance into the Pilates Method repertoire.

For optimum results to help you understand the Pilates Method we recommend you work one on one with an instructor who will tailor a program to your personal needs. As you progress, the variety of exercises within the system will constantly change so you can work at your peak ability.

May be paid online or direct at Studio

$75 per session

$700 block of 10 sessions 

$360 block of 5 sessions

Duo sessions are for two clients who are at a similar level of fitness and ability or even two friends that like to workout together that helps make it cost effective. The session involves the use of the Reformer, Mat, Barrels, Cadillac / Tower springs and Wunda Chairs.

$60 Casual

$290 block of 5 sessions

$580 block of 10 sessions

Not offered in any other studio, it's not just about the Reformer!

This is for a great full body workout focused on building your skills and foundations working on the Pilates apparatus in Pilates where you use the Reformer as Cadillac/Tower Springs, Mat & Barrels its a WHOLE system workout for those at a Basic/Intermediate level.

(client minimum numbers apply for this class to run and clients must have taken private lessons so are aware how to handle Studio equipment)

We  are currently incorporating our mat class with the Semi Private Tower Class as most clients love using the springs for assistance these are only for 3 people max at present please book on the Semi-Private Reformer/Tower Page

Mat classes are a fun way to enjoy an energised workout while focusing on developing your “Powerhouse” (core muscle strength) and feeling all the benefits of the Pilates Method its a workout all on its own!

We focus on precision, alignment and breath in these classes mixing up the dynamics some weeks added small arm weights and magic circles.

Classes are modified to suit individual needs and are at different levels Basic/Intermediate levels. Classes are limited to 6 people in the Studio

*Its advisable to take the Starter Package first or a Private Lesson if you are new to Pilates

$28 per class in Studio

$270 block of 10 classes 

$135 block of 5 classes

Online LIVE ZOOM class $24- Saturday Morning class available ONLINE ONLY (Limited Recordings available)

Online LIVE Zoom 10 pack $220

Online LIVE Zoom 5 pack $110

bootybarre® is a 1 hour class which will complement your Pilates workout and get you moving! These classes are fun energetic boutique classes to music that fuses the Pilates principles we teach in the studio with Yoga and dance and the combination of strength, flexibility, sculpting the lower body its like doing Pilates standing up but with a beat!  Cardio intervals to raise the heart rate are added after each barre to challenge your fitness level. 

Classes vary from bootybarre Plus, Flex & Flow, bootybarre burn, bbarreless and bootybarre sculpt, sliders and loop band . These classes create longer and leaner muscles, burn fat and gets you fit and fantastic! Class limited to 6 clients only in Studio and is for all levels.

We are a training Studio for Romana's Pilates all apprentices have an intensive 700 hours of training, teaching and observation to complete the program, where they use it to reprogram the body, correct posture imbalances and master the control of movement using the Pilates method.

The training is taught in the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. As the apprentice is still learning we offer an discounted apprentice rate to enable clients to take a second lesson or for those that find it suits their budget and are able to experience a studio workout rather than just a mat class.

$75.00 per session

We can cater for  mothers groups and corporate groups with a small group classes to create a wonderful social dynamic, leading to a positive, fun and energized workout, whether this be on the Mat or a Semi-Private Reformer Flow Class

Please contact the studio for pricing and schedule

Studio Policy

All cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to class will be charged the full rate of that class
All packages must be used within a 4 month period
All payments can be made online through our website, at the Studio directly or via bank transfer.

Sessions are non-refundable and cannot be transferred