Our instructors are all trained in the True Pilates Method under our master trainers Romana Kryzanowska and Cynthia Lochard. Romana and Cynthia have trained our instructors to teach Pilates in the way it was originally developed by Joseph Pilates himself.

The significance and importance of the 'lineage' ensure the purity and high standard of the work is maintained for future practices and teachings, where the core principle 'Integration of the mind to strengthen the body and energize the spirit' is maintained. Each of our instructors has completed a minimum of 750 hours of studio and observation time, prior to becoming a certified Romana’s instructor. This ensures clients receive quality and consistency with every lesson, as developing your Powerhouse (core strength) and quality of movement is their specific goal. Moreover, as Romana’s Pilates instructors they are required to complete annual continuing education seminars.

At MPMS we have a fully equipped studio that uses apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates himself, that is still manufactured to the original specifications by Gratz Industries in NYC.

If you choose to do Pilates, do it right! We make it fun, we make it work, and we make it true.

Keft Burdell

Studio Owner, Level IV Instructor Romana’s Pilates, Australian Master Trainer bootybarre/bbarreless

Keft is a busy Mum of two and has been instructing the Classical Pilates Method since 2000 and is also the Australian Master Trainer in the bootybarre® and bbarreless training program mentoring and teaching courses nationally as well as classes in her Studio. She also is a Level IV Romana's Instructor mentoring apprentices in the Teacher Training Program.

As a third generation instructor who studied under Grand Master Teacher/Trainer Cynthia Lochard and certified by Romana Kryzanowska 20 years ago, Keft strives to continue teaching Pilates in its purest form, ‘the way Joe intended it’. Keft is a dedicated instructor having worked at Melbourne Pilates Method Studio for 11 years motivating a vast array of clients to achieve their full potential in the Pilates Method through a healthy mind and body, educating them about how to bring Pilates into their daily lives.

Prior to becoming a Romana’s Pilates instructor, Keft came from a background in classical dance and then moved into fitness, managing health clubs and working as a personal trainer on the Gold Coast, where having scoliosis took her into the world of Pilates and increasing her range of spinal mobility 

Keft has released two DVD+ book compilations “Pilates the Authentic way” and “Pilates with the Workout Circle” distributed nationally and internationally

Lissie Fiddian

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction BA Nursing Level 5 Romana's Pilates Instructor

Lissie has always had a keen interest in health and fitness and came to Pilates following the birth of her third child. She continues to play A grade Netball and has competed in several Master Netball series where her team won the 40 plus series in 2015. She has a sporty family and her son and daughters play representative sports. Pilates has enabled her to keep playing competitively and to participate in the other various activities she does to keep fit and active.

Lissie originally completed her teacher training with Pilates International, before discovering Romana’s Pilates. She was drawn to the method and incorporates the six principles of the original Pilates method, Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow not only into her work but into her everyday life.

Celia Jones

Level 5 Instructor Romana’s Pilates

Celia was one of those kids who just couldn't sit still. From an early age, she immersed herself in an array of physical activities – from tennis and gymnastics to dance classes – where she unknowingly began her journey into the study of how the human body was meant to move.


Celia studied for a year full time and undertook a 600-hour apprenticeship under Grand Master Teacher/Trainer, Cynthia Lochard in Surry Hills, Sydney. She was certified in 2002 by none other than the Joseph Pilates protégée, Romana Kryzanowska. She has been teaching – and preaching! - Pilates ever since, whilst also raising a family. 


Celia brings passion, laughter, unwavering technique and her contagious energy to every class. 

She has both a Pilates Inc. and a Romana’s Pilates certification. She believes in the power of Joseph Pilates original work and sticks as closely and as devoutly as she can to the work. 


Having nearly 20 years of Pilates practice in her body, Celia thrives on playful and childlike  movements, like inversions and finds it almost impossible to choose her favourite apparatus to practice on. She is a firm believer that Pilates has the power to heal and nourish the mind, body and the spirit. 

Aimee Marich

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, Level V Romana's Pilates Certified Instructor

Aimee is originally from the USA and relocated to Melbourne 3 years ago.  While studying to be a classical ballerina at The University of The Arts and at the Pennsylvania Ballet, Aimee suffered a hip injury, and during the course of her rehab she found The Pilates Method.  

She loved the precision and flow of the exercises and was thrilled that it helped her return to her normal active life and extend her ballet career. Her experience was so positive that Aimee decided to become an instructor in the hope of helping others. She is passionate about Pilates and it's benefits in strengthening the body through an injury.

 When she's not in the Studio, you can find her working as an actor, reading a good book, or having a little boogie, her warm energy and friendliness shines through her teaching.