Bootybarre is a fun and energetic class that fuses Pilates, yoga and dance and the combination of strength, flexibility, sculpting the lower body, with added cardio intervals to raise the heart rate. This class creates longer and leaner muscles, burns fat and gets you fit and looking fantastic! To keep the focus, attention and precision with each participant we keep our classes smaller and work with our philosophy of quality over quantity.

We offer an in Studio class on Mondays at 10am or a Online Zoom class Saturday 8.30am class with a chair and small arm weights, mat and a soft Pilates ball.

Class runs for a 1-hour duration with a warm-up, arm weight circuit, barre workout with a focus on the inner thighs, hamstrings and booty, cardio intervals in between and then abs, back and stretch.

Classes vary from Bootybarre Plus, Flex & Flow, Sculpt and Bootybarre Burn, Sliders and Bootybarre Loopband. Contact us for more details. 

Come and try it for yourself. It will complement your Pilates workout using the same principles but with a whole lot more cardio!