About Us

Welcome to Melbourne Pilates Method Studio (MPMS).

Pilates has become very popular as the new trend in exercise and using the name 'Pilates' is open to everyone and is not always regulated there is contemporary Pilates in the fitness industry and clinical Pilates.

We are dedicated to the teaching of the physical art of True Pilates also known as the traditional/classical method which upholds the integrity of the original ‘Joseph Pilates’ method of “Body and Mind conditioning”. Pilates is not a new phenomenon it has actually been around since the 1920's when Joseph Pilates began his work known as 'Contrology'.

Our studio is owned and run by leading Romana’s Pilates Method Instructors who trained under Romana who have over 17 years of True Pilates teaching experience both in Australia and abroad. 

Our master trainer in Australia is Cynthia Lochard Level 1 at Pilates Method Studio Sydney who trained in New York under the guidance of her teacher and mentor Romana Kryzanowska. For more information about Romana visit her website Romana’s Pilates USA and for more information about True Pilates NYC.

The Benefits of Romana's Pilates

* Improves posture

* Increase muscular strength

*Manages/prevents back pain

*Promotes strength, balanced muscle development, flexibility and increased range of motion in the joints

*Powerhouse supports full body fitness so breath and mind have to work together

* Increse body awareness in daily life 

* One- on- one instruction and small group classes with other clients at your level

Building a strong powerhouse (core muscle strength) is the key to a healthy, flexible and supple body. As the only True/ Romana's Pilates Studio in Melbourne, we pride ourselves on educating and guiding clients on a journey of how a strong powerhouse, connected with your body and your mind, can transform the way you feel.

What makes us different ?

High quality teaching

Professional attention in a friendly personal environment

Boutique Studio

Specialising in one on one private lessons and semi-privates

Full Gratz equipped studio

We work with the WHOLE system not just the reformer...there is so much more!

Small Class Sizes

Reformer classes 4 people, Mat Classes 6 people, & bootybarre 8 people

Well Established

For 10 years in Kew on well recognised corner look out for the green and orange

Men Welcome

Pilates is not only for women it was created for men by Joe himself

No Franchise

Proudly owned and operated by leading Romana’s Pilates Instructors who have over 17 years of True Pilates teaching experience in Australia and abroad.